Now at the Meadows - You will need two keys

Anyone interested in playing or learning `to play Pickleball?
Contact Robert Valliquette for information. Our court is ready and waiting.
Robert's phone number is 954-570-8280
You will need two keys
To enter the courts, same as the billiard room
     available at the office with a $25 deposit
To access the equipment use your pool-spa key

More info  click here
Watch these youtube video to learn how

     Play Pickleball       Score Pickleball

A Little Music,  A Little Dancing

A Lot of Fun
Come and join us starting   January  22 nd 2020
Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to 10 am
Chair Based Exercises and stretching
It will improve:

Strength & flexibility

Range of Motion

Reduce Stress  & Risk of Falls

Increase Co-ordination

Increase Cardiovascular Capacity

PS  Please try to bring soft ball (around 6 to 9 inches) at Dollar store little weights or cans of 16 ounces. 
Feel free to call me Linda Valiquette at 954-570-8280

The Meadows Book Club 

Hello Everyone! 
Let’s continue to read. The next meeting will be scheduled and announced when quarantine restrictions are lifted.

Books to review will be My Name is Iran and As Bright as Heaven. 

Remember the App Libby for your reading pleasure.  May I suggest Flight Attendant and Mudbound.  Titles I thoroughly enjoyed! 
 Hopefully - Sharon Messina 

Regularly Scheduled Weekly Events Calendar        ?COVID in Question?

The Meadow's would like to Welcome our newest Home Owners: 

Lot 263 Mr. Alan Barbier from New York​

9:30 am  Water Aerobics
1:00 pm  Mahjong

                  more info contact Lynn Gray 623-512-6906

                  or Pat Milo 914-610-5338.

6:30 pm  Men's Bocce​
9:30 am  Morning Ladies Bocce
6:00 pm  Cash Bingo Doors Open
7:00 pm  Cash Bingo Game Starts

                Residents, and guests accompanied

                  by residents are welcome

                     contact John Murphy at 954-418-8158

                    or Ralph Milo at 914-610-5685   
9:30 am  Water Aerobics

1:00 pm  Bowling 

                    contact John Murphy at 954-418-8158

                    or Ralph Milo at 914-610-5685.
6:30 pm  FREE Technology Club FREE

                Computer - iPad - Tablet Class 
                by Jerry Novickas  Register Here

                more info  jnovickas@yahoo.com 

9:30 am  Morning Ladies Bocce

                by Ann Davies for more info
1:00 pm  Mahjong

                  more info contact Lynn Gray 623-512-6906
                  or Pat Milo 914-610-5338.

6:30 pm  Men's Bocce

7:00 pm  Duplicate Bridge

                  by Lillian Krall

                   for more info (954) 574-0890 

1:00 pm  Mahjong
                  more info contact Lynn Gray 623-512-6906
                  or Pat Milo 914-610-5338

9:30 am  Water Aerobics 

Special Events

​​The Meadows of Crystal Lake (HOA)

Located in Deerfield Beach, FL

​​​​​​(954) 426-3503    After Hours (954) 289-7110

Line Dancing: Great way to keep those joints moving. This is a Coed class. No Partner required.

Friday Mornings 10:00 AM starting

Loose comfortable cool clothing

Dance shoes

Soft soled shoe, clean soles and does not have grit or sand to preserve our dance floor.


Ballroom Dancing:
Ask a friend or neighbor to join you: Partner is required

Friday Night 7:00 PM 

Dance shoes

Flat shoes for the ladies would be great even a sneaker. I use a dance shoe that is very inexpensive on line

Note about shoes for both

Keep for dancing only, seldom or ever  worn outside this activity

Social & Travel Club

Social and Travel Club dues for 2020 will be $5.00 per person
Send your $5.00 membership checks
As a member you may attend events, some are FREE





       The Welcome Wagon committee has decided to wait until January for our next Meet & Greet due to the upcoming Holiday's. We have one new resident to welcome to the Meadow's. 

Lot 263 Mr. Alan Barbier from New York

     If you have any questions please feel free to call Roseanne @ 954-420-9269 or Jaymme @ 757-348-2085, the office staff @ 954-426-3503.

Our web site is as follows: (http://www.themeadowsofcrystallake.com/)  look at past photos of social events, HOA Documents, Minutes of HOA meetings, Market Place (for sale items), President's page, Sponsors, Computer Hints & Links.

Please take advantage of our Action News delivered monthly, our web site (  themeadowsofcrystallake.com) or the HOA office staff at 954-426-3503.