Q. I went to the dumpster to throw away some items but could not open the gate. How do I open the Gate?

A. The dumpster in the clubhouse parking lot is for residents only. It is locked but is locked by the same lock as your Pool Key.

Q. Do we have pest control in our community?

A. The community has pest control around the lake and the canal. If you see rodents, iguanas and raccoons please call the office. There are several companies available if you require pest control for your home at your expense.

Q. Are there sign restrictions in our community?

A. Yes the realtors know the regulations and follow them very well. Temporary holiday signs or best wishes signs are allowed but only for 1 week?

Q. Are Door and house holiday decorations allowed in our community?

A. Yes Holiday lights and signs are allowed and encouraged. The request is that all decorations are removed within 15 days of the holiday.

Q. Who fixes the geysers or broken sprinklers?

A. Our watering crew work on the system every day. If you see or know of a broken watering sprinkler call the office. If you see grass dying from lack of water, call the office. We do wet check every day to make sure we cover everything. But if we miss an area please let us know.

Q. When do we trim the trees and bushes?

A. We do a major tree trimming before the hurricane season.  Maintenance trimming is done on Mondays so the clipping are removed with bulk pick up on Tuesdays.

Q. Is there an area set aside where we can go feed the ducks?

A. We do not feed the wildlife at all. Ducks, Cats, Racoons, all look cute but are wild and should NOT be fed by humans. Do Not Feed Stray Animals in our community.

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Q  Why is the regular garbage truck picking up the blue recycling can?
A  Recycling has been Discontinued in Deerfield Beach. Those Blue Cans should no longer be used until further notice.

 Have we had cars broken into in the Meadows?
All neighborhoods have late night walkers. We are no different. These walkers check for “unlocked” cars. Typically they do not break in but if unlocked they will root around in your car. Even if you do not keep valuables in your car, Always Lock your car. Report any break ins or attempts to nonemergency police.

 Is it true the Meadows has cut down fruit trees? What was the rationale for that?
 The Meadows had a severe rodent problem due to the unauthorized planting of fruit trees. Yes several fruit trees were removed and the board will be discussing further fruit tree removal at the next board meeting.

 Is it true our 3-5 feet rule around the house has been increased to 7 ft? Any stipulations?
A  The truth is that the owner's property line ends at the front door. There is a 5 foot easement area around the home that is available for the resident to exercise their freedom for plantings of flowers, scrubs or a walkway as long and the area is maintained in the Meadows tradition. The area is strictly 5 foot. There is No conversation of increasing that distance.

Q  How do I contact someone about decisions about the outside of my home? 
A  Outside issues around your home are covered by the Architectural committee and may be addressed through an Architectural Form available at the HOA office.

Q  Can I change the lamp only on the top of the lamp post?  
A  Yes, although it must be Black. It also must be on from Dusk to Dawn and the home owner is responsible to change the light bulb when burnt out.

Q  What do we do about our mailboxes?

A  Our mailboxes now can be Plastic or Metal. They may be BLACK or BROWN. If your mail box is broken contact the office. We have mailboxes in stock and will install them right away if yours is not repairable. Remember to keep your mailbox, address and UNIT number free of obstructions so they are visible at all times.

Q. Can we replace our front door?
A. Of course you may replace your outside doors. However there are some rules. It requires an architectural form. It is recommended to be hurricane rated and it MUST be painted to match the garage door color.

Mailbox Update: There are changes regarding our mailboxes. Our mailboxes now can be Plastic or Metal. They may be BLACK or BROWN. If your mail box is broken contact the office. We have mailboxes in stock and will install them right away if yours is not repairable. Remember to keep your mailbox, address and UNIT number free of obstructions so they a visible at all times.​

Q. May we remove or replace our Lamp Post and Light?
A. No. The lamp posts are part of the community layout. They are equipped with dusk to dawn sensors. It is the Residents responsibility to replace the bulb when burnt out. The Posts are Black and must remain Black. If your dusk to dawn sensor is not working call the office.

Q. When do we need an Architectural form?
A. An Architectural form is required for any changes to the outside of your house structure and surroundings. Although you have freedom to do plantings on the 5 foot area closest to your home you must maintain those planting in a manner consistent to the Meadows at Crystal Lake standards. Over planting and ungroomed plantings are not acceptable.

Q. Do I need architectural form to plant a tree in my yard?
A. Yes.  Deerfield Beach and Broward County have very strict Tree ordinances. The Meadows is currently going through a Required Planting Program to replace trees that have been removed or died over the past years. The inspectors will tell us where trees are needed. This Program will take months to complete so there will be NO tree plantings or removals approved until this Program is complete.

Q What are the swimming pool hours?
A. By Broward County rules our pool is open from Dawn To Dusk daily.

Q When is the office open?
A. The Office Hours are 9 - 2 PM Monday - Thursday. However there are forms on the door and a mail box for your convenience 24 – 7.

Q I want to get involved. Are there any committees that need volunteers?
A The Meadows has several committee openings. News Letter, Architectural, Social , Tennis, Bowling, Bocce ball, and many more. Call the office or send a note to us and we will have the committee chair person contact you. 

Q. Can the residents use the big dumpster in the parking lot?
A. Yes that dumpster is for the maintenance team and residents to use on days trash pick up is not available or is too big for your garbage can.  Sorry not tires or paint, or flammables.   

Q. At the St. Patrick’s Day Party several people asked me for my dessert recipe. Can you put my recipe in the newsletter?
A. That is a great idea. Yes send us your recipe and we will put it in the newsletter. Anyone with a favorite or special recipe is welcome to send it in and we will put it in the newsletter as space permits.

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