​            Welcome to the Meadows of Crystal Lake, “The Best Kept Secret in Deerfield Beach.” That is one of the first things I heard about the Meadows when we moved here a little over a year ago.
            What a beautiful place to live. When you come in the main entrance signs on either side surrounded by flowers welcome you. Straight ahead you see a classic water fountain reminiscent of quant European towns or classic American colleges. Down the median traditional Florida palm trees with nicely groomed homes on both sides. At the end you’ve reached club house with all the amenities you could want and a helpful staff to assist you.
            I could go on and on, but you already know that you live in a truly wonderful place. I tell people I meet, “I’m living the dream.” But, like any home the Meadows has a “junk drawer” or place where things that don’t belong anywhere else, get put. One of those places is next to the dumpster in the main parking lot. Residents bring stuff all the way to the dumpster, and instead of using their pool key to open the dumpster gate and putting it in the dumpster, they pile it next to the dumpster. The maintenance staff does a good job keeping the area picked up even with material constantly being added.
            The other area is the over flow parking lot near the rear entrance. Construction material is stored there, as neatly as is possible, while waiting to be used. Also at the rear entrance was a forgotten sign that half heartedly welcomed people to the Meadows. It was stand with green moss on it, looking like a sign for a dilapidated old motel that time had passed by.
            The Maintenance crew the financial support from the Board of Directors refurbished the sigh by adding low maintenance plastic pieces to cover wood that would eventually turn green,  The sign positively sparkled. Then came the flowers, the beautiful flowers. The flowers turned the sparkling sign into a work of art. The rear entrance was transformed into a place worthy of stopping to take a picture.
            Then, less than a week later, thieves came in the night and took 31 of the 45 plants Maintenance Supervisor Terry Robinson SR and Maintenance Man Carlos Smith planted. The police were called and reports were filed.
            The Board of Directors is making plans to replant the flowers and install security cameras to deter or catch anyone who tries to mess with “The Best Kept Secret in Deerfield Beach.​

​​Tuesday -  September 22, 2020 

Hello Neighbors
I want to thank each of you who came out to the Board of Directors Meeting Monday, September 14, 2020. We, as a board, had a lot to get through and the crowd of over 60 homeowners listened patiently and asked thoughtful questions. When the dust settled the Board had agreed to pursue an aggressive tree planting project involving the planting of 120 trees over the next two years. The Board also agreed to start negotiations to get a better deal from Comcast Cable for our TV and internet service. Finally, the Board voted to continue a maintenance contract on the irrigation system and have our Christmas decorations put up by the same company that put them up last year. We also had a number of volunteers for committees to help run the community in the coming months.

The best news of all, the Board is working together to solve problems as they arise. Together we can accomplish anything.

Regards and stay safe friends,
Bill Jeffries, Meadows HOA President

Friday -  August 14, 2020 Hello Neighbors
There has been a lot going on as your Board works to maintain and upgrade our community.
The clubhouse FOB system has been reprogrammed. The clubhouse OPEN hours are now from 9 am until 3 pm, Monday through Friday. A FOB is required for entry to the men's and women's restrooms at all times. Additionally, a FOB is necessary for entry into the clubhouse on the weekend.
The Newsletter has been on break. We expect a new edition to be home delivered for the month of September. Until then, check the website and email alerts to stay "in the know."
We had a "non-kill" trapper on the property and he managed to remove two raccoons, a possum, and an iguana. By law the iguana had to be killed, but the other animals were released in a wildlife area ten miles away. Please make sure you're  not leaving food out for stray animals.
Regards and stay safe friends
Bill Jeffries
Meadows HOA President


Saturday, August 1, 2020 

Hello Meadows Neighbors and friends. 
My name is Bill Jeffries and I was recently voted in as President by my fellow HOA Board Members.  Not long ago I moved to the Meadows because I heard about the great camaraderie, friendship and fun. I want to see more of that. More voices from the community, more ideas listened to, less animosity and antagonism. While my co-directors and I sit as equals on the HOA Board to make business decisions for the entire community. We are neighbors first and aspire to do our best to represent all in our Wonderful Meadows Community. I look forward to many discussions and listen to all ideas. I can’t promise we can make everything, everyone wants happen in the neighborhood, yet you do have my commitment that I will be a good listener, and a careful and thoughtful voter. I wish all of us in Then Meadows the best and healthful rest of the year.

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