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Q. I went to the dumpster to throw away some items but could not open the gate. How do I open the Gate?

A. The dumpster in the clubhouse parking lot is for residents only. It is locked but is locked by the same lock as your Pool Key.

Q. Do we have pest control in our community?

A. The community has pest control around the lake and the canal. If you see rodents, iguanas and raccoons please call the office. There are several companies available if you require pest control for your home at your expense.

Q. Are there sign restrictions in our community?

A. Yes the realtors know the regulations and follow them very well. Temporary holiday signs or best wishes signs are allowed but only for 1 week?

Q. Are Door and house holiday decorations allowed in our community?

A. Yes Holiday lights and signs are allowed and encouraged. The request is that all decorations are removed within 15 days of the holiday.

Q. Who fixes the geysers or broken sprinklers?

A. Our watering crew work on the system every day. If you see or know of a broken watering sprinkler call the office. If you see grass dying from lack of water, call the office. We do wet check every day to make sure we cover everything. But if we miss an area please let us know.

Q. When do we trim the trees and bushes?

A. We do a major tree trimming before the hurricane season.  Maintenance trimming is done on Mondays so the clipping are removed with bulk pick up on Tuesdays.

Q. Is there an area set aside where we can go feed the ducks?

A. We do not feed the wildlife at all. Ducks, Cats, Racoons, all look cute but are wild and should NOT be fed by humans. Do Not Feed Stray Animals in our community.

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Sprinkler Schedule Effective 3/29 
   Monday        Phase 2 

   Tuesday        Phase 1    
   Wednesday  Phase 2 
   Thursday      Phase 1 

   Friday            None 

   Saturday       Phase 2 
   Sunday          Phase 1 

Friday -  October 23, 2020 

​      Again I begin with a thank you to all the residents who came to the Board of Directors meeting and by their presence assure me that I want to belong to this association. Among other things we have secured a contract to replace the trees that the city determined needed to be replaced. Additionally, our budget committee lead by Bill Morris, has laid out a sound fiscal path for 2021.

     There are several things coming up that I encourage each resident to actively participate. The first is to vote in the National, state and local election on November 3rd. Another thing to get involved in is volunteering wherever you feel you can make a difference. It could be here in the Meadows, at you place of worship, or anywhere you choose. You are at a point in your life where you choose, you are of value, and you are in charge. You know your heart and you know your skill set.

     We are still looking for candidates to run for the Board of Directors. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and our community.

Regards and stay safe friends,
Bill Jeffries, Meadows HOA President

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