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 Bill Jeffries - Secretary

 Karen Jordan - Vice President

Hello Residents Near and Far,

November is here and the Election of officers is just around the corner. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please touch base with the office. We will be voting on 3 chairs this year. All owners are eligible. Our community needs your input, fresh ideas and a willingness to bring our community together.

I hope you have all noticed the fresh clean look to the property. Our maintenance Crew, Terry and TJ, have worked hard during this hot summer to give us this new clean look. When you see them give them a wave and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts.

As you are all aware the costs of living have been on the rise for months now. The horrible weather problems on our west coast are making our cost of essentials raise higher every day. Mary Anne and the directors, when in the office, are tapping every resource they know to buy what we use daily at the best prices possible. We have bids out on all our future projects with our community finances in mind. Your Board of Directors live here too, so they are watching every penny.

I know I sound like a broken record when I repeat the reminders but it is truly for our community’s welfare:

We must remember to lock our cars. All the time, not just at night. We had a car stolen last month.

Make sure your lamp posts are on every night.

Make sure your switch is on and the bulb works.

The city is watching us so please do not trim, add, or remove trees from the common grounds without a work order.

Remember, everyone must pick up after their dogs.

Living alone? Sign up for the 211 daily calls. There is no charge for these friendly voices!

Our Speed limit in our community is 15 MPH.

Welcome back to our traveling residents!

Get involved, join a committee, meet your neighbors! Social and Travel and Newsletter distribution are looking for your help and input, contact Mary Anne if interested.

Have a safe winter season! 

Bill M
Board President

HOA President's Message

November 2022

Bill Morris

 Tony Guadagnino - Treasurer

On My Mind from The President

 Paul Davies - Director at Large

2022 The Meadows Board Of Directors


Q. I went to the dumpster to throw away some items but could not open the gate. How do I open the Gate?

The dumpster in the clubhouse parking lot is for residents only. It is locked but is locked by the same lock as your Pool Key.

Q. Do we have pest control in our community?

The community has pest control around the lake and the canal. If you see rodents, iguanas and raccoons please call the office. There are several companies available if you require pest control for your home at your expense.

Q. Are there sign restrictions in our community?

Yes the realtors know the regulations and follow them very well. Temporary holiday signs or best wishes signs are allowed but only for 1 week?

Q. Are Door and house holiday decorations allowed in our community?

Yes Holiday lights and signs are allowed and encouraged. The request is that all decorations are removed within 15 days of the holiday.

Q. Who fixes the geysers or broken sprinklers?

Our watering crew work on the system every day. If you see or know of a broken watering sprinkler call the office. If you see grass dying from lack of water, call the office. We do wet check every day to make sure we cover everything. But if we miss an area please let us know.

Q. When do we trim the trees and bushes?

We do a major tree trimming before the hurricane season.  Maintenance trimming is done on Mondays so the clipping are removed with bulk pick up on Tuesdays.

Q. Is there an area set aside where we can go feed the ducks?

We do not feed the wildlife at all. Ducks, Cats, Racoons, all look cute but are wild and should NOT be fed by humans. Do Not Feed Stray Animals in our community.