Sprinkler Schedule Effective 3/29 
   Monday        Phase 2 

   Tuesday        Phase 1    
   Wednesday  Phase 2 
   Thursday      Phase 1 

   Friday            None 

   Saturday       Phase 2 
   Sunday          Phase 1 

​​3/17 FPL Truck

FPL has put all their assigned service trucks on 24 hour alert status. 
We have an FPL service tech in the Meadows.
His truck will be parked in the front parking lot within a couple of spaces of the dumpster whenever he is not out on a job. This will allow him ez in and out as well as keeping his vehicle and inventory under cctv surveillance.


The pool repairs only took 4 days including the Monday HOA board meeting day that approved the work to be done. Also the hours for use are from dawn to dusk not the other way around as you have published.
Please publish this response as submitted.
Thank you.

3/1 Pool is now open.
Hours are from DAWN to DUSK determined by the times set for sunrise/sunset.

2/24 Irrigation system is repaired and functioning

2/24 Swimming pool is closed until further notice. 

2/24  Garbage Containers 
Our Postal Lady, Michelle, has requested that our Garbage Containers be placed away from the Mail Boxes so that she can deliver our Mail Safely. 

2/24 Fridays
Please leave some space between your containers so that the Collector Trucks can empty one container without knocking over the other one. 

2/21 Cited
The Meadows pool has been cited by Broward County Health Dept for multiple deficiencies. 
The immediate effect is that the rope will not be removable and there will be no swimming after dark. Details will follow at the board meeting 2/24/2020.

BSO Warns Against COVID-19 Scams

PIO Number: 20-3-28

Date: March 19, 2020
It has come to our attention that a social media post is circulating with a claim that representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are going to residences dressed in protective gear and conducting COVID-19 testing. This is untrue. The CDC is not visiting residents' homes. 
During these times, scammers are seeking opportunities to take advantage of consumers. We encourage you to be vigilant in identifying scams and review these helpful tips: 

- Scams can include social media posts, texts and websites meant to take your personal information and money and infect computers.
- Think twice before investing in companies who say they are working on a coronavirus cure. Check official sources like the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission before being lured into a scam.
- Be aware of fake fundraising. Verify the charity is legitimate. If someone wants donations in cash, gift card or by wiring money, don’t do it.
- Watch out for online marketing of vaccinations or products claiming to treat the virus.
- Do not click on unfamiliar links or emails. Phishing emails may mention the coronavirus, medical supplies or claim to be from government, national or local health organizations in order to get users to open the message that unleashes malware.
- Watch for emails claiming to be from the CDC or experts saying they have information about the virus.

- Be aware of entering personal information into websites.

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