​           The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is an important part of The Meadows HOA and tasked with                                   reviewing, evaluating and either approving or disapproving requests for changes to the exterior of home                                 owners properties.  

    ​Architectural Review Committee 

News to Know!

Volunteers work to make Community Better
     The Volunteer Architectural Committee has been commissioned by the Board of Directors. These volunteers will provide initial screening of Architectural Change forms for plantings. The committee members will come out and review the proposed plantings with the home owner and make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning the approval or disapproval of the projects.

    The committee members will also tour the community noting homes with over grown or unkempt plantings. They will notify the Board of Directors of any homes that may need attention. The Board of Directors will notify the home owner of the problem and help set up a way to resolve the problem. By working together we can keep our community looking great.

Turn on your Pole Light 
     In front of each home in the Meadows is a pole light. The Home Owners Association would like you to have your pole light on each evening for safety reasons. We only have a few street lights in the Meadows and if we keep the Meadows well lit our streets and neighborhood should be safer.
     Your light post is equipped with a sensor to automatically turn your post light on each evening and off each morning as long as you leave the power switch in the on position. For most homes, that switch is one of the three switches just inside the front door.
     If you are having trouble making your lamp work, call the office. We will put in a trouble call and see what we can do to get it working. Remember, we will replace the sensor if it goes bad, but light bulbs are the home owners responsibility.