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The Wall (submitted to HOA Board 5/13/2019   click here

Security Home owner actions already defined   click here    to view and print

Seminars for homeowners

On the List
Clear Communication from the Board vs The Meadows grapevine, which doesn’t always get it right
Ornamental plantings cleanup
Blue Book training
Shame enforcement
Solar Aqua Lighting
Amenity maintenance

Meadows Communicator

The mission of The Meadows Communicator is to listen and hear the message of our neighbors and their interests.
We intend to act as a communication liaison between the community and the HOA Board.
Our goal is for our community and all members to feel valued, important and heard.
Our vision is for our neighbors to feel a sense of community working together to make
Our Meadows a great place to live.

​​The Meadows of Crystal Lake (HOA)

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