The Meadows of Crystal Lake (HOA)

Located in Deerfield Beach, FL

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​Wednesday:   6:30 pm  

FREE Technology Forum 
​Wednesdays Tablet presented

by Jerry Novickas 

Open Q&A  topic of the week
Computer - iPad - iPhone - Android

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in neighborhood peeking in windows

Does not go to door, Does not ring bell

If spotted call 911 immediately  view video

Deerfield Beach City

Broward County

Emergency Preparedness for Residents At Risk

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HOA Meeting Topics

Announced 7/9/2019

  Next Meeting Cancelled

  No meeting 7/10

5/13/2019 Meadows Communicator Team

   Announces first 2 owner recommendations 

5/6/2019 HOA Announces
   Rules to speak at HOA Meetings
​   "Members and parcel owners have the right to

   attend all membership meetings and to speak"    

   more      click here 

4/23/2019   HOA announces

​   The Meadows Board request all dog owners

   to come to office to get a piece of Orange tape to put on

   the leash with which they use to walk their dog. If the

   peeper suspect above had the tape we would know

   she belonged here - Ron Masloff

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     Important Director On Call   (978) 490-4436

​​​​​​​​​​ Watering schedule
    Lot by Lot list coming soon

    Phase 1: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 
    Phase 2: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Meadows Special Events 

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Meadows Social
On vacation June, July and August

     Posted flyers on clubhouse bulletin board

     2 summer trips Deerfield Beach Women's Club
Mondays 1pm & Thursdays 7pm
    Contact Pat Milo for more information

Tuesdays 6:30 PM
   Bingo on summer hiatus ​

Wednesday 6:30 pm

   Technology forum(tablets, phones computers)

Fridays 1 pm

​   Robb's Guitar Jamm

Our community crime watch 
   Make a Report on EVERY incident

   Call 911 IMMEDIATELY - don't wait
   Call 911 when you see ANYTHING suspicious

   Call 911 when you see ANYONE suspicious
   Call 911 to report EVERY incident
   Do NOT wait or only call the HOA office
   The HOA office cannot investigate

                or do anything regarding crimes

News Alerts for Our Homeowners