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​posted  01/07

The City of Deerfield Beach is excited to announce the launch of its newly designed click here for website. The new mobile app, My DFB is available now on the Apple and Google app stores. Search for "My DFB"
Pay On-line, Live Cameras, the Community Calendar, City News, and even the City’s Instagram feed

posted  6/30   

FOB Required after hours

To improve upon securing common areas for members, revised FOB controlled lock times have been updated 
Monday – Thursday locked starting at 3PM
Friday, Saturday & Sunday  locked 24/7



February Landscape Service Schedule

Valentine's Party
Saturday, February 4, 2023 @ 6:00

Entertainment by Roy Michaels
Bring your sweetie and celebrate the day of love with your friends and fellow residents here at The Meadows.


Hello from your Social and Travel Club. 

Check out the coming events on the Social & Travel page.

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2/1: Mowing of the grass and hedging. - Entrance, Clubhouse, and Electric boxes - No hedging or detailing around homes.

2/6-7: IPM, treat for the following if needed: whitefly, fig whitefly, scale, hibiscus mealybug, caterpillars on oleanders and turf fungus.

2/15: Mowing of the grass and spraying for weeds in all landscape beds. - Entrance, Clubhouse, and Electric boxes - No hedging or detailing around homes.

* Irrigation and IPM schedules are subject to change without notice due to weather conditions or due to emergencies in any of the communities we serve.

The Meadows Action News is Online

​​Our community crime watch 
   Make a Report on EVERY incident

   Call 911 IMMEDIATELY - don't wait
   Call 911 when you see ANYTHING suspicious

   Call 911 when you see ANYONE suspicious
   Call 911 to report EVERY incident
   Do NOT wait or only call the HOA office

   The HOA office cannot investigate

   or do anything regarding crimes

Submit Personal Info for ​Community to be included in future Directory.   (See Contact Us page for form)

​Board Meeting Agenda: 

Garbage & Bulk Pick-up

Garbage is picked up on Tuesdays (brown can only) and Fridays (brown & blue can), and may be placed at the end of your driveway after 5pm the previous day. Bulk pick up is on Wednesdays and may also be placed at the end of the driveway after 5pm the previous day. Thank you!!

Meadows members now have full access to Action News from anywhere you are. 

​​​​Please call upon these local companies

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​For any HOA approved announcement for our website

What Activities Would you Like?

We would like to hear from you on activities you would like to see take place. Click below for the activity questionnaire

Located in Deerfield Beach, FL
(954) 426-3503        

After Hours: Call any of the Board Members

We are still undergoing  our upgrades to our website to make it more interactive and informative. Please bear with us during this time. Thank you.

Our annual HOA Board of Directors election was held on January 9, 2023. Many were in attendance. The results are as follows:​​

                                                                          Jimmy Giasullo   218

                                                                          Robin Markarian   141

                                                                          Paul Davies   108

                                                                          Ron Masloff   51

                                                                          Jackie Wright   123

​We welcome Robin back to the Board. We also welcome our new Board Members, Jackie and Jimmy. Thank you to all who voted. We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you.

Sprinkler Schedule Effective 
   Monday        Phase 2 

      Tuesday        Phase 1    

   Wednesday  Phase 2 
   Thursday      Phase 1 

 Friday            None 

     Saturday       Phase 2 
     Sunday          Phase 1 

Are you interested in joining a club or activity? If so, check out what we have going on here at the Meadows on are Clubs and Activities page. Click the link below:

Next HOA Board  Meeting:  February 13, 2023  7PM​​