Martin Luther King Day January 21, 2019

​​HOA Announcements

     January 21, 2019

     Martin Luther King Day

      HOA Office will be Closed

      All employees will be Off

     Important Director On Call   (978) 490-4436

HOA Meeting  - Clubhouse
     January 14th, 2019 election results
         Al Levy: 149
         Becky Laden: 132
         Paul Davies: 109
         Ed Nicky: 94

     (more details on documents page)

     Agenda    click here

    Letter to Cmsnr Fisher on Documents page   click here

     Approved Minutes from last meeting   click here

     Action News current Month   click here

​​​​​​​​​​Watering schedule
    Phase 1: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 
    Phase 2: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Meadows Special Events 

       Monday January 21 2 pm
         Regular monthly meeting

         After dinner at Cracker Barrel 

    Saturday Feb 16th
       Valentines Day Dinner Dance

         Served hot chicken dinner, sides, Wine, dessert & coffee

          Live music for your dancing pleasure

          $25 per member / $30 guest

          Tom Milo chairman (561) 251-0086
            (complete announcement on Special Events page)​

  Mondays & Fridays at 7pm

      Based on number of participants

      Weekly Line Dancing Ballroom dances

       More info Tom  561-251-0086  / ​

   Mondays 1pm & Thursdays 7pm
     Contact Pat Milo for more information

​   Tuesdays 6:30 PM
      Doors open 6:30 PM ​


Our community crime watch 
   Call 911 IMMEDIATELY - don't wait
   Call 911 when you see ANYTHING suspicious

   Call 911 when you see ANYONE suspicious
   Call 911 to report EVERY incident
   Do NOT wait or only call the HOA office
   The HOA office cannot investigate

                or do anything regarding crimes

News Alerts for Our Homeowners

​​​​(954) 426-3503


​​​Please call upon these local companies

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The Meadows of Crystal Lake (HOA)

Located in Deerfield Beach, FL

​Wednesday:   6:30 pm  

FREE Technology Forum 
​Wednesdays Tablet presented

by Jerry Novickas 

Open Q&A  topic of the week
Computer - iPad - iPhone - Android

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