​​Posted   8/30/19   Wednesday  9/4 to 9/26

Annual chlorination treatment

City of Deerfield Beach Environmental Services begins annual chlorination treatment of the water distribution system. We may notice a slight change in taste, odor, and color of the tap water. The water will remain safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, and any other household use. 

Posted  8/30/2019  Wednesday 9/11 4 PM 
Budget Committee meeting at clubhouse library.
for more info call   ​(954) 426-3503​

Posted   7/24/2019   HOA Announces
​Rob Schwerdtfeger &
Becky Laden

have been removing Meadows foliage and fruit trees

Contact them with questions.

posted   7/22/2019    Announcement Talent Show

Saturday 12/14  7PM

Holiday Talent Show

Contact Tom Milo for more details

892winston@bellsouth.net  or (561) 251-0086

​​​​Posted   9/18/19   HOA
​​     Approved Minutes from last meeting    click here

     Director On Call   (978) 490-4436


    Cut Dates ​​

​​Meadows Special Events 

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Meadows Social
​​​​​​​​​Posted   9/18/19  Sunday Sept 29th - 4 pm

     Pot Luck Dinner

     Bring a dish to share, Let your culinary skills run wild

     Come visit with your neighbors and meet new friends.

  ​​​​​​​​Posted   9/18/19  Monday October 21st

     Social and Travel Club Meeting

     Speaker Elizabeth Moss from N.E. Focal Point Senior Ctr

     Services available for Meadows owners

     Dinner is planned that evening at local restaurant
Mondays 1pm & Thursdays 7pm
    Contact Pat Milo for more information

Tuesdays 6:30 PM
   Bingo restarts 9/10


​   1 pm    Bowling "Ageless Performers" 

   Ralph (914) 610-5685 or John (561) 613-7785

   6:30 pm Technology forum(tablets, phones computers)


    7:00 pm  Duplicate Bridge  

     Lillian Krall  (954) 574-0890 


    1 pm  Robb Schwerdtfeger's Guitar Jamm

The Meadows of Crystal Lake (HOA)

Located in Deerfield Beach, FL

​​​​​​(954) 426-3503

News Alerts for Our Homeowners

​​​Please call upon these local companies

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Our community crime watch 
   Make a Report on EVERY incident

   Call 911 IMMEDIATELY - don't wait
   Call 911 when you see ANYTHING suspicious

   Call 911 when you see ANYONE suspicious
   Call 911 to report EVERY incident
   Do NOT wait or only call the HOA office
   The HOA office cannot investigate

                or do anything regarding crimes

​Wednesday:   6:30 pm  

FREE Technology Forum 
​Wednesdays Tablet presented

by Jerry Novickas 

Open Q&A  topic of the week
Computer - iPad - iPhone - Android

more info  jnovickas@yahoo.com ​​​​